Should You Buy Instagram Likes?

Everyone knows that a higher number of likes on social media will get you noticed. Once you’re noticed, this will lead to more business, leading to even more likes, and the cycle continues. The question is, however, is it worth it to purchase those likes?

Pros of Buying Instagram Likes

Obviously, the choice to buy instagram likes will boost your profile much quicker than waiting for that same amount of likes to occur naturally. As a result of having the higher number of likes, you will gain higher numbers of organic followers. As your numbers grow, so will your chances of having your pages pop-up in front of random users. Buying these likes will make your posts more visible to others, giving you more online attention.

Having a higher number of likes can give your profile a level of credibility that it didn’t have before. Customers that may not have trusted you when you only had a handful of followers, are more likely to do business with you.

Buying likes can also be helpful if you are a new business. This can give you instant visibility that you would not have had as quickly.

Cons to Buying Instagram Likes

As with most things, there is a downside to purchasing your likes on Instagram. The most obvious drawback, is that it costs you money. The charges aren’t terribly high though, and they depend on a couple of key factors. First of all, how many likes you want to buy, will be factored into your total cost. Purchasing a few hundred shouldn’t break the bank, but several thousand need to have their worth measured against the business they will bring in for you.

Also, the less expensive bundles of likes are typically going to be coming from fake accounts. If a potential customer were to click on the follower’s page, they would find what looks like a randomly generated name, and a handful of very general comments. Basically, the fake page will look fake. At first glance, your account will appear to be very popular, but after scrutinizing the pages of some of your followers, it will be obvious that you purchased your popularity. More legitimate followers can be purchased, but this will raise your cost. Going with the fake followers, however, can damage your reputation.

When purchasing these likes or followers, you are also always assuming the risk of a purge occurring. When this happens, all accounts that are spam or fake are immediately gone, taking you back to your authentic number of followers. These purges hit at random times, and no one knows when a purge might occur.

A Personal Choice

Your decision to purchase likes for your Instagram account, or allow your numbers to grow naturally, this is not a business decision to be taken lightly. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides of the coin.

Whichever decision you make, please be sure to research any company you plan to do business with, before handing over any money. Many of these companies have been around awhile, and they should all have reviews from previous clients.