Review of Sky Broadband (UK)

Sky broadband is an unlimited plan from a company that launched its service in January 2017. The company may be better known for its movie channels, sports, and news, but now it offers broadband without signing up for a TV package – just call the contact numbers for Sky and get everything ready today. Having an unlimited broadband package means there are no hidden fees or penalties for use.

Broadband Limitations, Coverage and Speeds

The broadband service reaches more than 16 million homes across the UK and its possible to see what areas are available by using the checker on Sky’s website. The Sky Fibre broadband service has unlimited use and the company also offers limited public wi-fi. The wi-fi offered has 20,000 hotspots and the ability to sign-up up to six devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. When planning to use wi-fi hotspot locations can be found on the website under Sky’s Hotspot Finder. The broadband provider also has internet security software called Sky Broadband Shield to protect computers from viruses and to control content for children. Parents are able to use this feature to protect children from accessing content or websites.

Packages, Speeds, and Commitment

The broadband company offers several packages to fit the pricing needs and use for customers starting at £19 and the highest priced package at £44. The choices offer different speeds and in one package a usage allowance. This is a £29 package with speed up to 38Mbits per second that has a usage limit of 25GB. The lowest priced package of £19 has a speed of up to 17Mbits per second. The highest package at £44 has speed up to 76Mibs per second. The other middle priced package that has unlimited usage is £39 with speed of up to 38Mbits per second. The commitment for Sky broadband is a 12-month contract for the lower priced package and 18 months for the other three offered packages.

Broadband Performance

The Sky Fibre broadband at 38Mbits is able to stream shows and videos up to 4k smoothly without any buffering. People gaming will find the speed, latency or packet loss in their favor with the offered speeds and no dropped games. Downloads are fast and flawless and because it is unlimited service there is no going over any limits with gaming, streaming and downloading.

There are also a few things you can do to improve the speed vastly:

Current customers of the internet service rate it as having little to no downtime. This is an important factor since it can be the difference of being able to connect to the internet or not. During peak times, which is between 8:00 and 10:00 pm customers report they remained at maximum speeds with the 38Mbits and 76Mbits speeds. The lower speed package 60 percent of the customers kept their maximum speeds. This is a truly unlimited plan with no limit on data or traffic and no artificial usage slow down after a certain amount of use that some other providers use with unlimited service.

While no broadband service is perfect, Sky broadband is a fast, reliable, is a good pricing and offers good customer service.