People follow popular accounts: How to grow your Instagram

When it comes to effective ways to grow your Instagram account, you may have heard about following other people, liking their photographs, uploading photos every day, leaving comments on other people’s photos and many other suggestions like these.

In reality, while all of these strategies can work, they generally take a long time to do and your Instagram account will still not increase to the huge numbers you will see on other people’s accounts.

This is why so many people with Instagram accounts are buying followers from a service like ganhar curtidas no instagram in an effort to grow their accounts. Is this an effective way to do so? Oh yes, it absolutely is.

People follow popular accounts — One of the secrets to having a popular Instagram account that many people still do not understand is that most people do not really think for themselves.

They do not look at a photograph, think it is beautiful and that they should follow that account. Instead, they look at the photo, think it is pretty but, if the account the photo is uploaded on is not a popular one, in many cases they will pass it by.

Popular accounts get new followers at much faster rates than accounts that are not popular. Simply because the vast majority of people act like sheep.

People notice popular Instagram accounts — Even if people are not sheep, they will still notice accounts that are popular at much faster rates than accounts that are not.

Take two similar accounts with similar photographs and completely different follower numbers.

The one account with 600 followers may get another 20 followers a month. A similar type of account with 10,000 followers will add 1,000 followers a month or more. That is because that account is noticed more and seems more important, so more people follow it.

Buying followers makes your photos seem better — As silly as it may sound, if you have several thousand followers and average photographs, your photos will be deemed as ‘better’ by the vast majority of people who view your account.

Why? Simply because, if several thousand people like your photographs enough to follow you, then maybe they know something that other people do not. Some of those other people will then start to follow you.

Most top accounts have bought followers — Another little known fact about Instagram is that most of the top accounts have bought followers at one time or another.

Some did it just to start off their accounts and just bought a few hundred. Others had accounts that were not growing fast enough, so they bought a few thousand.

Estimates by various people differ, but it seems to be an accepted rule of thumb that at least 80 percent of the top Instagram accounts have bought followers in the past.

This means you are at a disadvantage to them and to others if you do not. Yet, if you do, you could see some of the benefits that they are now seeing due to their popular account.

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