Reasons to consider ordering custom optics (photonics products)


Precision Photonics are custom OEM quantity and optical design special lenses that are great for big and small hi-tech companies. And while there are other types of products, such as the standard ones, that claims to deliver high quality, there are many reasons why choosing photonics products is the way to go. These following are those reasons:


  1. Wonderful beneficial features the plethora of features include the following: high precision laser optics assembling from the size of 1mm; micro-optic and multi-element assembling with optical paths that are epoxy-free; customer HR, polarizing, and AR coatings available; telecom bands, NIR, Visible, UV, and MWIR (250-5000 nm) operating wavelength; air-spaced and solid etalons, polarization beam splitters, beamsplitter cubes, waveplates, right angle turning prisms, fiber-optic, endoscopic systems, beam-delivery micro-systems, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, Optical-coherence tomography (OCT), Multiphoton microscopy (MPM), and Confocal microscopy.


  1. Extensive product line– the product line includes zoom lenses, optical modules, non-browning lenses, lens adapters, SWIR lenses, IR lenses, UV lenses, and other lenses. The zoom lenses include compact optical and high-resolution lenses without the zoom range. The optical modules may utilize prisms or beam splitters to make several images from one image. SWIR, IR, and UV lenses are made for specialized applications, and IR and UV lenses are normally very expensive, and they can be hard to find one to meet someone’s specific needs. Non-browning lenses include a comprehensive radiation resistant range of lenses. Lens adapters are utilized as more lenses to transition the image or view format field. And lastly, other lenses could be OCR scanning lenses, collimators, small and large format scanning lenses, laser marking lenses, high-resolution CCTV lenses, printing and engraving lenses, and more.


  1. Many times they cost less than standard– there are various factors to consider. For one, sometimes it better to insource by buying COTS parts and assembling them together. Also, outsourcing may take a longer time to retrieve, and they may be some inflexibility in outsourcing. Other times, it’s better to outsource the cost, of course, if you don’t have the time, and with the optical system being a main enabling feature for one’s Intellectual Property (IP) controls or end product, it’s better to obtain a custom solution provider. This provider has the manufacturing and designing of the optical systems as their core competency.


Another thing to consider with the cost is metrology. This includes parameters measured in the optical systems. For example, it may be required to measure the system’s modulation transfer function(MTF). Another example includes the possibility of a lens’ telecentricity, wavefront error, or distortion may be needed. Also, a customer manufacturer having a strong metrology understanding is the main factor in reducing cost.


Metrology allows the optical lens manufacturer to qualify every part to ensure the coatings and lenses perform as required and to produce traceability. It enables a variability reduction that lowers assembly time and yield, thus lowering the cost.

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The Five Best Ergonomic Mice That Money Can Buy

After extensive research, we’ve put together a list of the five absolute best ergonomic computer mice that you can get on the market. The best ergonomic mouse should be comfortable and easy to use, without causing discomfort or damage to your hands or wrist. All of these products far exceed those expectations.

  • Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Of all the ergonomic mice on the market, this trackball mouse is one of the most well-received. With a wonderful design and a comfortable ergonomic grip, this mouse will certainly grab your attention. With its wireless capabilities, it’s perfect for controlling your PC or laptop from up to 30 feet away and is able to connect with up to six compatible wireless devices without any hassle.

The integrated Logitech Unifying receiver which allows it to make the connections makes it incredibly convenient and is extremely reliable. The well-sculpted features and the ergonomic design allow it to support your hand comfortably and it allows you to move the cursor without having to move your arm at all. This mouse is ideal for busy desks without much free space.

  • Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

This beautiful ergonomic mouse provides an altogether different experience when compared to other alternatives. With a scientifically designed ergonomic form which is both comfortable and comfortable, it provides the ideal experience for those who want an exceptional ergonomic mouse. In addition, the mouse provides a number of DPI settings, so you can find exactly the style that suits you, and its specialized optical technology makes it smoother and more sensitive than the average optical mouse.

On top of all the other features, this mouse provides you with convenient next and previous buttons which help you to browse the internet easily. This mouse is ideal for people who like to surf the web, gamers, and anyone else who spends a lot of time at their PC.

  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001)

Microsoft is one of the tech industry’s giants, so it’s no surprise that they offer a selection of ergonomic mice. This well-formed product is one of their finest offerings when it comes to ergonomic mice, and it’s not hard to tell why. With a design that maximizes the comfort of your wrist and an ergonomic thumb scoop, it’s one of the most comfortable mice on the market.

In addition to its comfortable design, the mouse offers a one-touch windows button that allows you to effortlessly open the start screen, as well as a back button to help speed up navigation and an exceptionally designed 4-way scroll wheel. This mouse is ideal for those who want something comfortable and reliable made by a trusted company.

  • YCC TEAM 4000 DPI Wired Professional Gaming Mice

This unique looking mouse is anything but standard and is sure to catch your eye. The ergonomic mouse is designed to fit perfectly in your palm, giving gamers a comfortable and effective grip on the mouse.

The mouse has a high maximum DPI, as well as LED lights with color options. This is an ergonomic and flexible mouse that’s perfect for gamers.


Air Fittings for Myriad Use

There is a vast and diverse range of air fittings. Given below is some relevant information about them.

Pneumatic Fittings- These connect sections of pipe, hose and tube networks. These are put to use in pneumatic logic control systems as well as instrumentation. Their role is far more critical than merely connecting a pipe or a hose to air powered devices. On the contrary, these fittings facilitate the crucial control and safety operations in the process making valves and other devices unnecessary for the circuit in question.

Pneumatics system designers try to combine diverse capabilities into one unit offering not only a compact and streamlined size but also lowered chances of any leaks, easier installation and possibly lower costs. These air fittings are truly versatile in that they come in myriad sizes and configurations and are composed of different materials like brass, plastic, stainless steel and steel.

Seals that withstand high temperatures- If one’s hydraulic equipment is regularly subject to high increases in temperature, the regular industry standard thermoplastic polyurethanes may not do the job, in so far as sealing goes. That is where specialised high-temperature polyurethane seals manufactured by companies like Resilon provide extra protection.

In particular, Resilon 4350 can withstand a temperature that is as high as 250 to 300 degrees F . Not just that, it enhances sealing force by 30% This is possible on account of it using high-temperature nanotechnology that does not permit polymer degradation. The resultant extended seal life results in savings made by way of not having to replace failed seal systems.

How to select air fittings- There a number of factors that decide the choice of a particular air fitting. These include-working pressure & environment, type of load(air, water, oil, etc.),working temperature, material used to make the fittings(plastic, stainless steel , brass), shape( whether straight, elbow and so on), size( that of pipe and thread) and the kind of approvals mandatedThe plastic push -in fitting type for example, is best suited for use in polyurethane and nylon tubing.

Brass push in fitting, on the other hand, are mainly made with nickel coated brass, though composite ones made with glass-reinforced nylon are also available. What is good about brass push- in fittings is the fact that these can be easily disconnected as well reconnected making them ideal for use in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. These are quite versatile in that they can be used with nylon, polytherane, PE and other types of tubes.

Stainless steel push- in fittings on their part permit fast circuit assembly for passage of compressed air, and other gas across a wide range of pressure and temperature. Connections can be made and unmade manually in no time. Incorporation of the stainless steel colet design ensures superiors clamping with different types of tubes including nylon, polyethylene and polyurethane.These fittings are ideal for use in robotics and conveyor systems or for that matter on any system that requires the transfer of compressed air.

As we can see above, air fittings fulfil a variety of crucial functions across industry. It is vital that one have thorough knowledge of the kind of air fitting that best suits one’s process or industry, before placing an order. The good news is that there is a large number of manufacturers of pedigree who produce a wide range of air fittings used in a number of industries.