Hacks to keep visitors on your page longer

Generating traffic on your website or making the people visit your pages is no big a deal, the real deal is to maintain them and make them visit your pages every now and then.

A good number of researches were carried out in the recent history to assess the practicality of the host of ways to keep visitors stay on your web pages for longer. It is not that easy to generalize the findings of the researchers for there are as many priorities and differences as there are social groups on Earth.

The tips, which cover the taste of huge variety of visitors, are shared as under.

1- Declutter the Design of your Pages

It is important to have a little mercy on the poor nerves of your visitors. After all, if you do not meet the standards of your loyal visitors then there is absolutely nothing you should expect out of them, let alone making them come to your pages very often. Try not giving your visitors an impression of a busy packed road in the disguise of your site pages. It hardly takes 15 seconds for a visitor to decide whether he is going back to your page again or not at all, just by looking at the design alone. Wiping off the clutter from the pages is in the best interest of the page-runner and the visitor then why not consider doing it now?

2- Check for Readability and Image Quality

A number of fonts, font size and font style are important than what you think of them. No site would appear good to visitors if the font is overly styled which impair the readability of your content. In addition to that, apply visual breaks to your content where necessary. Saturated blocks of text with superfluous information would create a mess on your site. Always break your content into appropriate paragraphs, points and list things in the order of their importance. Do not ever forget to highlight the headings, subheadings, and adding the bullets to your main points. Blurry, jerky, and noisy images are disastrous for your site’s traffic and overall ranking by the search engine. Opt for images with higher resolution and maximum image quality for sticking visitors for longer.

3- Make your Site Interactive and Engaging

People love to reciprocate attention. If you attend to their queries and needs, they will reciprocate the same to you by staying loyal to your site. Introduce fields for comments and suggestions and respond to them on the regular basis. If you happen to ignore the query of a visitor, chances are that he will never get back to your site feeling rejected and ignored. Their reaction would be all nature and left no room for your whining. After all, nobody on Earth likes to be either ignored or rejected in such a despicable way. Tend to the needs of your visitors and see the difference yourself!

4- Include Internal Links in the Content Body

Internal links embedded in the body of your content make the visitors stay on your site for longer by getting them engaged with more of your work. Expecting a visitor to stay loyal to your site just after coming across a single page, which interests him, is a mere folly. As for external links, always make sure that your pages are set to be opened in a new tab/window to avoid shifting visitors away from your site for good. Use external links to promote the work of others but not at the cost of your own work. An “External Link” should be a tool for making linkage, not breakage. Use them wisely!